ShyanJMC - Cybersecurity, Rust, GNU and Linux


Welcome to ShyanJMC

ShyanJMC’s webpage is a collaborative project by ShyanJMC, who is passionate about technology, and CarolinaW, who is passionate about languages.

  • ShyanJMC: Writer and BlackOS’s creator.
  • CarolinaW: revision, correction and editing.


The main target of this webpage is create a complete, static and minimalist, wiki about:

  • Cybersecurity
    • Ofensive and defensive
  • GNU/Linux systems
    • Architecture
    • Hardening
  • Rust programming
    • Programming
    • Hardening

Copyright and copyleft

All content inside this webpage is copyright by ShyanJMC.
You can save this pages as you want, if you want save in PDF go ahead, no problem.


In the left bar you will find the categories, just go to wherever you want or search in the left-top bar. For example:

“You want read about Artix Linux system” -> Go to “GNU_Linux/Distros”

“You want read about OpenRC init system” -> Go to “GNU_Linux/Internal components”

“You want read about MITM attacks” -> Go to “Security/Ofensive Security”